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Who we are

Marbles media is a web design and development company based in the Atlanta, GA area. Some of our specialties include e-commerce, PHP development, custom content management systems, search engine optimization (SEO), brochure site design, WordPress template design and website

Marbles Media started improving the Internet in 1999, and our principals have been building websites since 1996. We have the tools and experience to make your job easier and more profitable using the web.

Services Highlights

We built our first e-commerce site in 1999. As experts in e-commerce, we know the subtleties of the user's experience, product categories, shipping rates, credit card processing and administration tools.

Content Management
We meet the needs of companies seeking custom content management in Atlanta and Decatur, GA as well as the rest of the world. There are some situations in which a CMS like Drupal makes more sense for a client. When that is the case, we can put perform the installation, add the design to the templates and guide you in managing content. Other companies have more unique needs. In these situations, we create a custom-built solution based on your needs. Some client websites have a fairly simple content structure. In this case, we would provide a simple admin tool for adding and editing content.

Search engines such as Google drive a large percentage of traffic to websites. Search engine optimization is important for helping Google and others to help folks find your site. We use several methods to improve your search engine rankings. Code and content adjustment is important, but getting other sites to link to yours can sometimes be even more important. Even the way the link to your site is worded can make a difference. Talk to us for guidance in the details.

Featured Project

Cornerstone Builders
Cornerstone Builders specialize in home additions in Atlanta, GA. Their focus is in working with older and historic homes.

Marbles Media provided the graphic design, Flash work and PHP/HTML coding for this site.

Cornerstone Builders